Overview of the BMW i3

Two BMW i models give drivers the ability to use environmentally-conscious vehicles. The i8 is hybrid, and the i3 is entirely electric. Our customers rave about both models, citing the feel of the i3's ride as one of the most important reasons for this satisfaction.

All of BMW's electric models utilize LifeDrive to reduce the amount of waste the vehicle produces and to increase its range. This means that it's great for the environment, but it also helps drivers and passengers feel the open road as comfortably as possible.

Because the production of an i3 uses almost…

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Enjoy Executive Treatment in the BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series offers rare features under the hood and inside the cockpit. This premium sedan is available with a turbocharged V12 engine block and a handful of luxurious amenities.

The infotainment platform in the 7 Series runs on the iDrive 6.0 software that has been updated to provide great connectivity on the go. A full-color, head-up display and the 12.3-inch Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster are synced with the infotainment system, which comes with a 10.2-inch touch screen and programmable settings for the custom menu. Thanks to the ConnectedDrive Service...

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Now's the Time to Get the Carpool in Order

To help your household run smoothly, you can consider setting up a carpool so that you can spend less time in the car, away from what you really want to be doing. Successful carpools can go a long way in reducing the toll taken on parents and their vehicles.

After you've found a few parents to join forces with, set up a schedule. One driver could take a day, a week at a time, or even just one morning. The miles can really add up, so the littlest bit of help is still useful. Once the parents are squared…

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The Differences Between All-Season and Summer Tires

When choosing between all-weather and summer tires for your vehicle, there are many things to consider. While all-weather tires are designed to work well in a wide variety of conditions, summer tires excel in hot and rainy conditions.

The unidirectional tread pattern found on summer tires leads to increased performance, especially during braking, accelerating, and cornering. The stiff rubber excels in temperatures above 44 degrees, but they aren't a great choice for driving in the snow or ice. They are also more difficult to rotate to different spots on the vehicle....

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BMW 4 Series Overview and Features

Should you buy a BMW? Critics and drivers are saying yes. The new lineup from the German carmaker is turning heads with finely tuned engines that start off with twin turbo in standard trims. The 4 Series is no exception. There is a lot to love about this sporty, roomy luxury small car. It has a powerful engine, upscale interior, and it doesn't have the price tag of many luxury cars with less features.

Let's talk about some of those new features. The 4 Series got a bit of a refresh with more features added to the infotainment…
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A BMW 6 Series That Suits Your Style

BMW has spared no expense to make the 6 Series a one-of-a-kind ride. This popular full-sized luxury car is available with opulent interior features that will make anyone feel comfortable.

Every detail is carefully thought-out to create a welcoming environment. You have the choice between Nappa or Full Merino for the seats. They come in a few colors so that you can get something that matches your aesthetic preferences. To complement the upholstery, you can choose to get matching side trim throughout. Alternatively, you can upgrade to polished wood or sleek lacquer. BMW also offers....

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Explore the BMW X Model Line

Browse the luxury BMW X model SUV line at BMW of Rochester Hills and prepare to be amazed by what it has to offer. These sports vehicles are built with class, comfort, and endurance in mind to help make the perfect choice of SUV easy.

With up to a 445 horsepower engine, you'll be able to feel the power behind the wheel. You can also take advantage of the optional eDrive technology to enhance your engine's efficiency.

Feel free to go from driving to work in style to traveling off-road in one of these BMWs. The X model…

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BMW 3 Series Overview

Drivers and car shoppers looking for a luxurious vehicle that offers tons of options and great performance may find the BMW 3 a perfect fit. The BMW 3 is a popular small luxury sedan or wagon that has taken the world by storm. Stop at BMW of Rochester Hills and check out the BMW 3 for yourself.

The BMW 3 is a benchmark in the automotive industry and continues to provide the excellent handling and style you’ve come to expect from BMW for more than 40 years. Whether you choose the Sports Wagon, Sedan or Gran Turismo, you will…

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Spring has arrived. Here's what that means for your car

Your car is one of your most important assets, so make sure you take proper care of it during each season of the year. When it comes to spring, you have an incredible chance to have proper maintenance performed on your car.

Do you have regular oil changes? These are one of the most important things you can do to maintain your car's engine and interior. In addition to an oil change, your spring maintenance routine should also include tightening of hoses and belts, a tire rotation, and an air filter change. These services will work together to ensure…

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How to Safely Drive Your Car in the Rain

The following safety guide brought to you by BMW of Rochester Hills will help you to drive better in the rain.

Make sure to turn on the headlights as soon as you put on the windshield wipers. This is now a law in many states, designed to allow other drivers to see your vehicle as visibility drops.

Add two more seconds to the distance between cars by simply slowing down. This allows everyone more reaction time on the roads. Oil patches on the road are most slippery as the rain starts, so it is a good practice to slow down…
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