You know BMW has a world-renowned reputation for character and elegance while delivering exceptional performance. Well, Shelby Township, we’ve gone above and beyond expectations with the X1 luxury subcompact sports-activity-vehicle (SAV), if we do say so ourselves. What makes a vehicle a driving legend? We answered that question when we built the X1.

Bold Choices

Of all the features that make the X1 sDrive or xDrive an excellent choice in a ride, the dual-power turbo, inline 4-cylinder performance engine and the advanced technology of the X1’s complete connectivity offerings both shine like headlamps piercing the fog of an evening drive.

Elevated Experiences

The engine provides a level of power and execution that has to be felt to be truly believed. Don’t be surprised if you have a moment of total disbelief when driving this 4-cylinder beauty. Combine that with the elevated connection offerings through remote service features that include stolen vehicle recovery, remote door handling, wireless, and intuitive technology. This is a vehicle that delivers.

Test-drive the X1 here at BMW of Rochester Hills and see for yourself what we mean by driving a legend. Choose wisely. Choose boldly. BMW.


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