When odors invade your vehicle, you can turn to a few different methods of cleaning the interior or using various products to remove the odors. For debris in your car that could be resulting in odd smells, a vacuum is usually sufficient. Try to remove dirt from even the smallest areas as items can get trapped that you can't see.

If there's cigarette smoke in your car, then you can use lemon juice on hard surfaces to remove the odor. Another option is to open the hood of your vehicle and spray air freshener in the ventilation system so that it filters through while you're driving in Shelby Township. If you're unsure where to spray the deodorizer, BMW of Rochester Hills can show you where the ducts are located.

Essential oils can be put on cotton balls and then placed in a container that you can keep in your car. A benefit of essential oils is that since there are so many fragrances to choose from, you can use something different each month or each week.



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