Simple Steps for Testing Your Car Battery's Power Level

One way to be prevent being stranded roadside with a dead battery is to check the amount of charge your battery still has, either in a simple do-it-yourself procedure or stopping by BMW of Rochester Hills service department in Shelby Township for a complimentary battery test.

For testing your battery's charge, you need an analog or digital voltmeter that will provide an accurate reading. Be sure all lights and the ignition key are off and put on eye protection and gloves. The red test lead should be connected to the battery's positive terminal, then the black lead to the battery's negative terminal. Any voltage readings above 12.4 volts is a good sign your battery is holding its charge.

A reading of 12.2 volts or lower means your battery doesn't produce adequate cranking amps. Schedule a battery replacement at our service department. Carefully remove the negative test lead first, wiping terminals and posts clean.

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