Prepare for winter with sand, salt, or kitty litter

With winter rapidly approaching, we here at BMW of Rochester Hills want to remind Shelby Township area residents that it is a good idea to have sand, salt, or kitty litter in your vehicle to aid you if you become stuck in the snow or ice. All three of these materials can help your tires to gain traction if you become stranded in snow or ice, and here is how.

Salt has been known for thousands of years to have the ability to melt snow. It is also abrasive enough to allow for added traction when it is placed under a vehicle's tire. Sand can also be used for traction, and It is less costly and tends to be more readily available than salt. Also, kitty litter can also work as an abrasive when placed under the tires to get that extra little bit of traction that you need in order to get your vehicle free from, snow or ice.
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