Why Use Windshield Wiper Fluid Rather than Water?

As the cooler weather approaches, chances are you have been making arrangements to get your car ready for the dropping temperatures. Here is some valuable information about using windshield wiper fluid.

The problem with water in the washer reservoir is that it will freeze solid once the temperature gets cold enough. As the ice expands, it could burst or crack the reservoir and wind up costing you more than had you simply replaced the water with windshield wiper fluid.

The windshield wiper fluid is specially formulated with detergents that will easily wash away things like bird droppings on the windshield. Rather than the water simply smearing around the debris and blocking your field of vision, the washer fluid will leave nothing behind and allow you to drive with no issues.

At BMW of Rochester Hills, we recommend that you replace the water in the washer reservoir with windshield wiper fluid as soon as possible.
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