When Doing Your Auto Maintenance, Don't Forget About The Air Filtration

Your vehicle has many areas that require maintenance. One of these areas is the air filtration. Your car, truck, or SUV needs to "breathe". The combustion process in your engine requires fresh air be drawn in through the intake, and expelled through the exhaust. That intake air passes through a filter to help keep dust and debris from being drawn into your engine. That is why it is so important to keep your air intake filter clean and replace it every 3,000-5,000 miles. Many drivers find that it is convenient to just wrap it up with every other oil change.

The interior of many vehicles also has a separate filter that is very similar to the one in your house that keeps debris out of your furnace. This is the cabin air filter and it keeps debris out of your heating and air system inside your vehicle. Keeping this filter clean will keep the motors from working too hard and failing prematurely.

So if your vehicle is in need of some new filters then come and see our service center here at BMW of Rochester Hills and let us get your car breathing freely again.
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