Your Thrilling BMW Possesses Plenty of Horsepower, But Where Does this Term Come From?

Do you know what the term "horsepower" actually means? Chances are pretty high that at some point you have heard this term, especially if you have ever been in the market for a new vehicle. But, very few of us actually know what this term means or even where it came from. Well, we here at Bavarian BMW would like to take just a moment to explain!

We will have to look back at the late 18th century, to a Scottish inventory named James Watt. An inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist, Watt wanted to devise a way to express to the common people the power created by the revolutionary new steam engines of the time.

While observing horses pulling carts of coal from a mine, it came to him. A single unit of horsepower is equal to the amount of power generated by one horse pulling a load of 330lbs at a rate of 100ft in one minute. This is how the word "horsepower" came into existence, and it is still used today to describe how powerful your stunning BMW is!

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